Are you after that premium Northern rivers lap pool builder? Customise your space with a stunning lap pool that will provide you with an exercise retreat like no other.

Lap pool are one of the most preferred pools in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. This is quite simply due to the fact that they offer a private space to exercise. Normally ranging in excess of 10 meters, lap pools are now available in smaller sizes. This is thanks to the latest in swim jests! Swim jets are an awesome alterative if you have limited space and have limitations to the overall pool size. With swim jets you can have that permanent current to swim against. – That’s right! No twists and turns! Simply turn on your swim jets and enjoy and endless swimming session.


One of the must haves for your lap pool is the Purapool Oxygen UV+. Afterall, if you like many people are a conscious about your health then a Purapool Oxygen UV+ will provide you with that fresh water like swimming experience. Say goodbye to chlorine and the carcinogenic that come with chlorine. The Purapool Oxygen UV+ operates with Himalayan mineral salts as the basis for the pool instead of pool salts that chlorinators use. Talk to our team today about the Purapool range and the benefits you can enjoy. – Start living and fell the fresh water experience for your lap pool builder! – PURAPOOL OXYGEN UV+ BROCHURE


Maintaining your lap pool is no hard task. Although, whilst the design of a lap pools is rather classic and simplistic, you do still need to take the time to look after it. This means conducting regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool. Our team here at Sea Breeze Pools & Landscapes recommend engaging a pool technician or taking your water to a pool shop for testing should these options be available to you. Alternatively, you can test the water yourself and maintain it with the use of some simple water testing strips and balance the pools water according to the instructions.

In terms of your lap pool, if like many of our customers you have a mineral or fresh water system as mentioned above such as the Purapool, be sure to read the manufacturers guide to maintain the chemicals in your pool if you are unclear. However, as always, our team here at Sea Breeze Pools & Landscapes are happy to support you with any troubleshooting advice and tips you may need for the life of your concrete pool. 


For a quote on your new concrete swimming pool get in touch with Sea Breeze Pools. We would love to provide you with an obligation free onsite measure, design, and quote.

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